Honors Alumni Advisory Board

Honors Alumni Advisory Board

The Honors Alumni Advisory Board (HAAB) is a group of alumni from the Engineering Honors Program who serve to create opportunities for our alumni to connect with one another, as well as connecting with current students.

If you have any questions about the Honors Alumni Advisory Board, or would like to suggest an event, please contact them at coehonors.aab@umich.edu.

Resources for Honors Alumni:

If you are an alumni who has recently moved, changed jobs, or have additional information to update, please click here to update your information with the Engineering Honors Program.

HAAB Members

Lauren Fitzpatrick
BSE ’15, MSE ’16
Martin Harris
BSE ’15, MSE ’16
Dylan Hurd
BSE ’15
Lauren Kennedy
BSE ’16
Cynthia Kreng
BSE ’16, MSE ’17
Albert Lee
BSE ’15
Vincent Qiu
BSE ’15
Jeremy Ross
BSE ’15, MSE ’16
Mihir Sheth
BSE ’15, MSE ’16