Honors Student Advisory Board


Honors Student Advisory Board

The Honors Student Advisory Board (HSAB) is a group of students who serve two main roles. First, the HSAB members serve as a liaison between the College of Engineering Honors Program students, faculty, staff and alumni. Second, the HSAB creates opportunities for members of the College of Engineering Honors Program to have meaningful interactions and develop a sense of community among their peers. The HSAB members are nominated each semester by the Honors community.

If you have any questions about the Honors Student Advisory Board or would like to suggest an event, please contact us at coehonors.sab@umich.edu.

The Honors Community focuses on four main areas:

Student Connections

Collaboration with equally motivated and academically successful students is encouraged through a wide range of activities, seminars, discussions, and events.

Make a Difference

Through community service projects locally and globally, Honors students learn the value of community involvement and get to change the world first-hand – from day one in the program.

Faculty Interaction

Each student will select a capstone faculty advisor to work closely with in developing their Honors capstone project and can attend monthly lunch gatherings that allow for informal networking with faculty.

Student Mentoring

Honors students are paired with a peer mentor to provide guidance in selecting courses, preparing for career fairs, applying to graduate school, and navigating the College of Engineering.

HSAB Members


Nafis Arafat

Abby Chapin

Caleb Goldstein
EGL Representative

Brianna Hutchison
Sangam Munsiff
Rob Pakko
Andrew Rosen Rachel Shaska
Jonathan Thomas
Cay Wagner
Honors GO/ASB
Betty Wan Grant Willard


HSAB Events