Alumni Newsletter – July 2017

College of Engineering Honors Program


Photo Credit: Linda Peterson

Engineering Honors Program Alumni Community Grows

The College of Engineering Honors Program held its third annual Honors Commencement Tea on Thursday, April 27th to celebrate the accomplishments of the graduates.

Graduates Sharvil Patel and Cynthia Kreng spoke at the event to reflect upon their time in the College of Engineering Honors Program, citing community, personal growth, and a drive to contribute more as reasons for completing the program.

This year, 48 students earned their Bachelor’s degree and completed their Engineering Honors requirements. 18 students earned their Master’s degree and completed their Engineering Global Leadership requirements. Additionally, 8 students who graduated from the Engineering Honors Program previously completed a Master’s Degree program at the University of Michigan in Winter 2017.

Rubik’s Cube Makes Its Global Debut

After three years, seven students, and lots of reiterations, the world’s largest Rubik’s Cube has been installed in the GG Brown lobby

Started as a discussion in the College of Engineering Honors Program office between Honors Alumni Samuelina Wright and Martin Harris, their vision has become a reality.

The world’s largest Rubik’s Cube began as an Honors Capstone project for Samuelina and Martin, who collaborated with fellow Mechanical Engineering students Dan Hiemstra and Kelsey Hockstad. After completing their Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees at Michigan, the team handed off their project to Honors student Jason Hoving and fellow Mechanical Engineering students Ryan Kuhn and Doug Nordman.

The project was unveiled during a ceremony on April 13th, as all seven engineers who worked on the project returned to unveil it to the world. This is now the world’s largest Rubik’s Cube, designed to complement the outdoor cube located on Central Campus near the Michigan Union.

The project was supported by the Mechanical Engineering Department, including Kon-Well Wang, Noel Perkins, Diann Brei, Amy Hortop, Mike Umbriac, and Kent Pruss; as well as former Dean of the College of Engineering, David Munson.