EGL Program Elements


EGL at a Glance

The Engineering Global Leadership specialization track of the Michigan Engineering Honors Program focuses on five areas of development:

  • Engineering Excellence
  • Global Education
  • Business Acumen
  • Leadership Experience
  • Tauber Institute Capstone Project


Engineering Excellence

  • Maintain a 3.6 or higher cumulative GPA while pursuing a College of Engineering major.
  • Earn a Bachelors and Masters degree from the College of Engineering.

Global Education

  • Complete the International Minor for Engineers, which includes 2nd year foreign language proficiency, as well as a 6 week study, work, research, or volunteer abroad experience.

Business Acumen

  • Select fifteen credits of advanced electives from the Ross School of Business, as well as career preparation from the Tauber Institute for Global Operations.

Leadership Experience

  • Participate in the EGL Topics in Leadership (TiL) program, Tauber Leadership Development, Honors seminars, and EGL Honor Society.

Tauber Institute Capstone Project

  • Build on foundational work through a high-impact internship integrating engineering, global, business & leadership experience alongside MBA and MSCM students under faculty advisors from the College of Engineering and Ross School of Business.